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Richard Mgrdechian is a highly experienced finance, restructuring, business transformation, strategic innovation and management professional. His 20+ years of experience has largely been in  technology, media, and telecommunications.

Richard Mgrdechian

“Rich makes the impossible possible. It's hard to say if the guy ever sleeps. In one of the most toughest industries to break, Rich took a no name band and turned them into an artist associated with American patriotism.”

It was impressive to follow the strategy behind the development of the product to creating a social media buzz which led to everything from having viral music videos to performances at major festivals, events, and appearances in film. Rich is a guy who's ahead of his time.
Zack Starikov
YouTube & Digital Strategy Expert

The ever-increasing efficiencies offered by the Cloud and the sharing economy will continue to cause massive disruptions across a variety of industries, leading to significant strategic, operational and financial distress…

Richard discusses the inspiration behind Prometheus Partners, a boutique consulting firm based in New York City providing corporate restructuring, innovation and digital transformation services. 

Is technology altering our brains? This question, although not often asked outside scientific circles, is one everyone should contemplate. The next question that follows is, were it not for technology, how would our brains fare?


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